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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  March 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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everyone. ♪ you're looking live at the ferry building. the winds rather strong like they've been all night. light rain this morning and more in the evening forecast. >> you'll find more of that wind across the san mateo bridge this morning. wind advisory has been posted. you see the camera moving about, shaking around. have both hands on the wheel. we'll check other bridges for you coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in south san francisco. you're right about the wind. if i'm standing at a gas station, you know what my story is this morning. the price of gas going up. it's one of the highest jumps ever. and if you didn't know, i'll
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tell you how much in a life report. >> the oakland city council meets in emergency session to consider asking voters for a partial tax increase and closing the city's $36 million budget deficit. >> and the city council is expected to sign off today to raise trash rates 23%. >> good monday morning to you, everyone, if there can be such a thing as a good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i didn't see it on the bridge, but, you know, i was driving. check with mike, see what's going on. yeah. we'll talk about the winds out there and they're gusting not quite as fast as eric was probably driving but 41 mph. pretty impressive around hayward. up to 30 around mountain view
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temperature sfo gusting to 36 mph. even up to the valleys, santa rosa, 23. 17 livermore. we have an isolated shower being reported up around santa rosa. otherwise it's pretty quiet this morning. you'll find some wetness on the streets, but it looks like the rain will hold off for the better part of the day. let's see how the winds are affecting the commute. >> you saw the wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. how it's gusting to 41 mph hayward. here's a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is very light this morning. we'll also check out the golden gate bridge for you as you make your drive out of the north bay. look out for those windy conditions as you head into san francisco but so far traffic is looking good taz -- a new crash just reported in san jose but it's already on the shoulder. >> gas prices have taken another jump enough to make your head spin along with your wheels.
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the second biggest price hike over a two-week period ever. what's driving it, terry? >> the past two weeks the average price of a gallon of regular gas has jumped 33 cents a gallon. in san francisco right now, the average is $3.94. here at the shell station in south san francisco, it's only $3.89. when you're saying only $3.89, you know you got high gas prices. take a look at the pictures we have of the gas prices, people pumping it and they're not happy about it. says the price hike is the second biggest ever right behind what happened after hurricane "katrina." so the national average, $3.51. it might dip into the emergency oil reserves. people are just tired of dipping farther into their bank accounts. >> used to have had a huge
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truck. i spend like once per month, $600. it had been like $1,000, $700 a month. yeah, so too much money. >> the evidence behind the higher gas prices is global economics. we've all heard about the civil war in libya and how that is impacting the price of gas. here's how exactly that works. that country only produces about 3% of u.s. crude, but it does produce a grade of oil easily refined around the world in many places. when it's not available, the demand of that goings up, increasing the price of that. that is why we're paying more. more bad news? the price of oil is going back up this morning. now, i have some good news. i don't want to make it all bad. the good news is that the price in san francisco now is $3.94. that's the average. it was worse back in june of
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'08. we were paying $4.62. that has to pass as good news this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> that's the best you got, terry? >> that's all i got. (laughter) >> thanks, buddy. bundle up. quan is proposing two new taxes to help the $46 million budget gap. the first is an $80 parcel tax over a five-year period. it needs approval and a $1.99 phone tax that requires only a simple majority. but the voters rejected a similar idea in 2008. governor jerry brown will hold a special election in june on tax issues. plans to put it to that initiative before it goes through. >> a garbage rate hike is looming in san mateo. the city council is expected to finalizes a 23% increase in garbage fees today.
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a home with a 32-gallon, a $3 increase. part of the hike is due to a new pick-up provider. weekly recycling and compost pickup as opposed to every other week. city leaders said san mateo will have the lowest fees. >> an autopsy will be done today on a five-year-old marin county boy who died after testing positive for the flu; however, health officials say they won't know what caused the boy's death until the result of the autopsy are in. marin county superintendent sent a letter to parents countywide to quell rumors about the cause of death. he wanted to assure families that public health department officials will act swiftly if they have any concerns.
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he expressed sympathy to the family. >> increased security this morning after a violent attack. a dozen people robbed and beat a 47-year-old man at the station on friday night. he was left in critical condition. witnesses say there were from nine to 15 people involved in the assault. it's unclear if the attack was captured on security video. passengers shouldn't be concerned about their personal safety because the crime was unusual. the city of oakland, an unarmed man was shot and killed. officer hector hermennez. the family sued and settled with the city for $650,000. the department fired him but he fought the action. he'll be reinstated with back pay. >> the mount diablo school board
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will take a proposal tomorrow to come up with a comprehensive plan of school closures. they plan to close two at the end of the school year. hanson said many parents are confused where those students will be reassigned to. they want to spell out procedures from staffing to new campuses. alsos second plan to deal with more school closures if additional budget cuts are needed. >> time now 4:38 this monday morning. do the words cool and breezy mean anything to you? >> this morning waking up to reality but most of us will have to see showers. >> that is absolutely true. it is cool, it is breezy and most of the showers right now are just centered in santa rosa. that's the only place reporting light rain. more the evening hours mainly in the north bay, too. here's our other big story. it is cooler than 24 hours ago,
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4 to 6 degrees cooler. pretty mild. you factor the little bit of windchill outside. upper 50s to low 60s under a partly cloudy to partly sunny sky. we'll see a bit more cloud cover than sunshine during the afternoon. pretty much the same thing the monterey bay. same thing as you move inland. the clouds may be a little less here and you're the least likely area to see showers outside the monterey county area. temperatures running pretty mild, upper 50s. low to mid-60s around the bay, the coast. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike, good morning, everyone. off to a good start in contra costa county if you drive 680
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walnut creek. there wasn't that much mind with you once he hit the bay, that's where you pick up the windy conditions. live shot westbound. notice how this camera is shaking a little bit more. headlights moving westbound still pretty good to the martinez bridge. no delays right now. south 101 the capital expressway but it's on the off-ramp and on the hold. >> frances, thank you. it's 4:40. >> a new twist in that law enforcement scandal. how female decoys were used to attract men. >> the danger
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this shot of san francisco from our sutro tower camera and you see it's shaking a little there. that's because it's breezy out there this morning. we'll talk to mike about that and see if there are anymore sprinkles and talk to frances about the back to work commute. all coming up. >> senator dianne feinstein and three other senators are asking for an immediate crackdown of student visas by what she calls sham universities. it allows foreigners to illegally enter the u.s. it cites tri-valley university where 1500 students are enrolled -- were enrolled, rather. the school rose in january after complaints surfaced that the school was a fraud. these schools are a clear threat to national security because some allowed in could be terrorists. >> a danville officer arrested on drug and gun offenses could be arraigned as early as today.
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steven tinaba the third person arrested after being investigated by the task force. it was meant to tarnish images of men going through messy court proceedings. they got them drunk at this wine bar. when the men drop away, the deputy was reportedly right there to arrest them for drunk driving. anonymous law enforcement forces said he was hired by private investigator butler. butler was hired by the exwives. the allegations proved true, the dui cases against the men could be dismissed. >> you got a bribery, a conspiracy. you've got a fraud. it sounds fraudulent to me. >> all tied to the enforcement team or c-net scandal that landed butler and the former
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commander of the team in jail. >> they all worked as antioch police officers in the late eight 90s. he faces charges of weapons possession and conspiracy to sell drugs. they referred cases to butler because of ace ability of video technology. he said the use of decoyed in the p. i. industry is wrong. >> it makes you feel weird in your gut or if would land in court, it was a serious message. >> coming up are new laws using hand held cellphones while driving really work? >> lieutenant
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>> welcome back. here's a look at the high temperatures across the country. cooler in the rockies. 37 denver. some of that spilling out to minnesota, 33. heading to the east coast, low upper 40s for new york and boston, 52 d.c. 75 phoenix and upper 40s seattle and portland. it is quiet at our major airports but you can see the snow and the rain moving towards kansas city and chicago and snow and rain around boston. any delays develop we'll have them with our flight tracker here's kristen with your news. >> thanks a lot. it's 4:48. the u.s. department of transportation and consumer magazine are launching together
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a new campaign against distracted drivers. transportation secretary ray la hood says driving while using a cellphone is a deadly epidemic. the department of statistics show 5500 people were killed and nearly half a million injured in accidents related to distracted driving. a "consumer reports" poll shows more drivers under the age of 30 have used a cellphone when driving. 30% texted while driving and only 30% think it's actually dangerous. >> in libya rebel fighters say they'll regroup and bring in heavy weapons after forces of moammer gadhafi stopped the counter offensive against the rebels. they came west of the capital tripoli. a rebel says people were killed by snipers. qaddafi forces pounded the area
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with artillery and rockets. u.s. defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. will maintain a presence even after combat operations end at 2014. he told troops that both the u.s. and afghan governments think it wise for the u.s. to stay involved in afghanistan for the long-term. gates is to meet with carmine today. >> 10,000 homes in christ church will have to be demolished and parts of the city will have to be abandoned all together. that's because the earthquake destabilized so much land mass it would be unsafe to build on it. 157 people were killed in the quake. >> high winds overnight, wind gusts of about 60 mph or more
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blew along the mountain tops down the slopes and extending on to the desert floor. the winds picked up all day yesterday with a wind advisory from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m. this morning. seeing a lot of winds of our own this morning. >> not that that extent but we're gettin' ours, too. >> those will slowly taper but it's going to be breezy most of the day. the ferry building, you can see the winds and what they're doing to the flags there as they blow in from the west and especially the northwest. the west is what's bringing in the cooler air mass after yesterday's cold front and rain. difficult doppler 7 hd, most of us starting dry or a few radar returns but looks like those are on the hill so probably the radar. i did get a report out of santa rosa of some rain last hour but not seeing too much in the way
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this hour. let's talk about temperatures. that affects all of us. upper 40s to low 50s. even inland to salinas and 49 in gilroy. so our highlights, breezy and cool today. an isolated evening shower is possible. it will be dry and warmer tomorrow into wednesday and possibly wet again thursday, saturday and into sunday. let's take a look what's going on. there's the cold front that brought us the shower yesterday and the drizzle into the afternoon hours. now that it's passed, we have these northwesterly winds. gusting to 40, 45 this morning. sustained to 20 or 30 most of the afternoon. hold on to the hats today. mid-50s along the coast. upper 50s downtown and south san francisco. we'll have mid to upper 50s, santa rosa napa may make it to 60. same thing with oakland, fremont with upper 50s to the east bay
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shore. near 60 the east bay valleys. upper 50s to low 60s along the monterey bay and as you head inland. here we are at 5:00. a cold front ahead of our next weather system. you can lift it with some showers. even scattered showers around the bay by midnight. a quick decrease in clouds tomorrow. high pressure moves in. won't be nearly as breezy as today. it will be sunny and even about 5 to 6 degrees warmer than what we'll deal with today. here's a look what's going on across the state, heading to eureka, 50 with rain. 52 fresno, up in the sierra, 46
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degrees. warmer wednesday and chance of rain rolls back into the forecast from thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. a couple of nickel and dime systems. and, look, daylight savings begin saturday night. don't forget to change your batteries, also. >> i forgot about that. a live shot of 280 and 17. already a few accidents as you make your way in that ware. there's a car facing the wrong way blocking a lane as we show you that, the capital expressway off-ramp there's an accident off on the shoulder. southbound traffic flowing well. you know about the high wind advisory at the san mateo bridge and the chp may issue one as well for the bridge. you can always stay up to date
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by going to our website it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> thanks a lot, frances. the monterey is wondering who left a suspicious package on pebble beach. the police were dispatched to the golf course after they saw what looked like two bombs taped together. it was at the base of the cliff at the 9th hole. they disabled. investigators aren't saying exactly what it was. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom's plan to lease office space from a private company is raising technical questions. news that he would work out of shared office space about an invitation only rather than by the state building in san francisco. the chronicle said the head of the leasing company made a $12,000 contribution to newsom's statewide campaign.
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it could give 17 startups to share the office with newsom, special access to a top aid official. the working arrangement will allow the lieutenant governor to focus on commission and jobs. >> dusty is finally cleaning up his act. dusty's owner is returning things of their neighbors a piece at a time. soon dusty's owners couldn't keep up. all the items on the table were stolen. during this give-back event over the weekend, well, it seems easier. >> i found my shoe. >> this is mine. i didn't even know it was gone. >> that is ours! >> we got burglarized and didn't even know it. >> bathing suit bottom. this is my other bathing suit
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bottom. >> don't leave out side what you don't want gone. if you're missing something, come to our house. >> dusty will still be in the spotlight. officials asked them to be their grand marshal in the pet read. i understand the things that are unclaimed will be auctioned off at the parade. all for the humane society. now he's a ear row. >> good to hear. >> would you camp out all weekend in the cold in san francisco for a permit for a food truck? i'm amy hollyfield. i'm going to show you who did do that and why coming up next. >> why dozens of parents are also
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